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Our Capabilities

At T.R. Welding and Fabrication, we use state of the art technology and machinery for all our welding and fabrication work. You can explore our capabilities below.

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Cincinnati ProForm 230 Press Brake


Our Cincinnati Press Brake gives us 5‐axis metal bending capabilities for lengths up to 12’‐0”

Flow Mach500 5-axis Waterjet


o   13’‐6” x 6’‐6” cutting envelope
o   Versatility for cutting all hard and soft metals
o   Precise cold cutting process without warping or heat affected zones

o   Accurate 5‐Axis motion for fast cutting of production parts
o   Industry‐leading software for more complex designs

Piranha Hydraulic Shear


Metal shearing for material up to 1⁄4” thick and 10’‐0” in length

Miller Welders


MIG & TIG welding capabilities for Steel Alloys, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum

Punching Capabilities

Laser Cut Steel

Sawing & hydraulic punching capabilities for various metals

Pipe Expansion


Pipe expansion up to 4” and Pipe notching up to 2”

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