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About T. R. Welding & Fabrication
We are professionals in welding and fabrication with 14+ years of experience and are fascinated with creating unique designs. We are craftsmen who take pride in our work, believe there is no project too big or too small and are always ready for any challenge.​  We are skilled and have the knowledge to complete your custom project in a timely manner, and are sure to build to all of your specifications and requirements.

We specialize in  MIG and TIG welding on materials such as Stainless Steel, Aluminum, etc.   

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One of my favorite designs is a beer keg-turned-gas grill that attaches to the hitch of your vehicle, so it can be taken anywhere.
Another great accomplishment for T. R. Welding - the 1947 Ford Pickup restoration.  I've fabricated it's frame to hold 12 gallons of compressed air.  The air suspension is a unique way to keep clutter of air ride systems to a minimum.
Another great accomplishment for T. R. Welding is my 1947 Ford Pickup restoration.